This past week has been filled with new friends! Hank, is a 22 week old viszla puppy who made instant friends with daycare regulars, Nyx and Jack. They played fetch, wrestled and romped around the backyard together! Max is a 6 year old golden retriever. He is very mellow and he liked to observe the fun the group was having and instantly clicked with Lucy, the akita. He was a very sweet lovable dog. He enjoyed being scratched under his collar, behind his ears and on his belly! Gigi, a poodle, is an old new friend. We are SOO happy to have her back in our playgroup. She is an awesome dog! Samantha is a black cocker spaniel that soaked up the people attention. She stayed close to her brother Mikey, Tibetan terrier. Mikey liked to explore the splash pad. He has very gentle nature and played well with the other dogs. Samantha and Mikey became friends with Storm, a daycare regular.

Many clients choose to combine their dog’s veterinary needs with their social needs and schedule vaccinations with daycare. We have a large variety of breeds and personalities that join the fun at Raintree Pet Resort’s Scottsdale doggie daycare. Let your dog come try our playgroup. They will meet friends, splash around and cuddle with staff!