Did you know toe nail trimming is an essential key to keeping your pet healthy?

To many pet parents, toe nail trims are just something they have groomers perform every so often when they notice the nails start ‘clicking’ on their floors at home.  What is really happening when you hear the ‘clicking’ of their nails on the floor?  Toe nails continuously grow, just like our nails, and need to be trimmed often to avoid potential joint and bone problems.

The nails of this bulldog are classic examples of how long nails can cause extreme pain in the joints, to the potential extent of permanent deformity!  Dogs walk on all four of their toes, so when nails are too long, it forces them to rock back on their heels, again allowing for extreme pain each time they take a step.

Cats also suffer quite frequently from long nails, but not quite in the same way dogs do.  Cat’s nails will continuously grow in a circular pattern, which the end result piercing their paw pads.

The solution is simple – Prevention!  Getting those nails trimmed at minimum once monthly can prevent these painful conditions.  Recently, one of our patients underwent a nail trim that allowed him to walk easily and without pain out of our medical center.

Routine toe nail trimming is definitely not just for cosmetic reasons, it is absolutely necessary. Call us at Raintree Pet Resort + Medical Center to schedule a routine nail trim today!