Have you recently decided that your cat needs to visit Raintree Pet Resort + Medical Center for his or her annual examination?

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If you’re holding back because you’re concerned about stress and how your cat will do during the visit and the travel, we recently have begun using a product that may make your visit stress-free and enjoyable.

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Feliway® is a pheromone product.  It is not a sedative or a prescription drug, in fact it’s completely harmless to your feline friend.  Feliway® mimics the pheromone that cats give off when rubbing on furniture, your hand, or while greeting other cats. It gives the sense of comfort and familiarity which immediately offers a less stressful environment and ultimately a great veterinary experience.

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There are a few forms that Feliway® comes in that may prove a great tool to you and your cat which include a spray and wipes, that are used to wipe a kennel before travel to the veterinarian.  The spray is often used in homes, during guest visits or other stressful home situations.  If you have been holding back on that important annual wellness visit, call us or visit us and ask our Certified Veterinary Technician more about Feliway® today!

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