Have you seen an advertisement about heartworm prevention or heard about it from someone you know?  Have you heard that the disease is spread by mosquitos?  Are you now saying to yourself, “Our region doesn’t really have a mosquito problem, so I’m not worried about heartworms.”?

download (10)Mosquitos are found in all 50 states now, and all 50 states are currently diagnosing heartworm disease.  Mosquitos pass the disease from pet to pet through biting them to feed.  As the worms grow, they reside in the heart, clogging arteries and causing potentially fatal results.  Treatment is possible, but difficult for both the pet and the owner; making prevention the absolute key to a healthy and happy pet.

Prevention for heartworm is simple: a once monthly, beef-flavored chewable.  The American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) recommends year round prevention in the face of this often fatal disease.   In Arizona, we enjoy a warm climate all year round, giving the mosquitos more opportunities to bite your pet at any time, making the need for consistent, timely protection a core part of any wellness care plan.

Raintree Pet Resort + Medical Center is committed to lifelong care and prevention, and can provide education, answers, and the tools you need to make the best decisions for your pet’s total health and wellness.

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