When was the last time you had blood-work done at your doctor’s office?

Most of us see the doctor once a year for an annual health exam.  Some of us even get blood-work done once a year or every other year depending on our health.  Your pet is no different!  The American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) agrees that pets age much faster than humans, at about 7 years to our 1.  Imagine getting an annual exam only once every 7 years!  It is recommended that along with a pet’s annual exam, they have an internal blood screening done at the same time.  Internal blood screening includes readings on the kidney and liver, the level of electrolytes, and a complete blood count checking for any increase or decrease of important cells that could indicate anemia, dehydration, or infection. 

Many diseases that we see in pets often start out being invisible, only causing internal damage; some pets, especially cats, will even hide their illness for as long as possible.  All too often, when clinical signs finally do appear and the pet is in pain or not feeling well, the disease has progressed too far to cure or manage easily and shortens the pet’s life significantly.  Raintree Pet Resort + Medical Center wants to make sure your pet is healthy and happy for years to come, which is why we strongly advocate for early detection and treatment of diseases through a yearly blood screening. 

We are still celebrating our excellence in receiving our AAHA® accreditation and the AAFP Cat Friendly Practice® designation and this week want to make sure your pet is on track with wellness by receiving an internal blood screening at the great price of $60.00!  The test will only take 8 minutes and our veterinarian, Dr. Benjamin Savard, will go over the results with you in detail, making sure you understand each part of the screening and how it relates to your pet’s health.  Remember these specials are only available on Tuesday, March 25, 2014  and Saturday, March 29, 2014, so call us today! 480-991-3371