How to choose your veterinarian

You have to see your doctor every year right?  It’s usually routine, maybe a vaccine or just a check-up, but it is done every year.  How did you choose your doctor?  Did you search online or did your insurance make the choice for you?  How about your children’s doctor?  We know that having the right doctor makes all the difference.  Our pets are treated more like part of our family than ever before, so why shouldn’t you make sure you choose the best doctor for their care?  Here are some tips to finding a great veterinarian:

  • Make sure you choose an AAHA accredited facility.  AAHA accreditation means the facility has passed over 900 standards encompassing patient care, pain management, medical record keeping, team training, facilities, and equipment that were made with your pet’s health in mind.
  • Meet the doctor. Meet the medical team. Most veterinarians and their staff are more than happy to take a few moments to meet with you before you decide to bring in your pet.  Call the office to see if they will allow a tour or just a few moments to meet with the doctor and his team.  If they don’t offer these services, they might not be the right place for you.
  • Compare their services.  If you have a current vet, but are thinking about switching, compare ‘apples to apples’.  What does the new hospital have that your current one might not?  Do they offer specialty services like laser therapy?  Are their medical procedures performed according to AAHA standards– this might be slightly more expensive, but the quality of care your pet will receive is well worth it.
  • Location, location, location.  If you’re looking for a veterinarian, try to choose one that is close to home.  The only exception to this rule is the quality of care you would receive from one that may be farther away.  The drive might be well worth it for your pet to receive a higher standard of care.

Once you’ve gone through the right steps and chosen your hospital, get to know the staff and the doctors, it will make each visit more enjoyable and less stressful with your pet.