Planning on taking your reptile pet along on the next family vacation or day trip? Perhaps you just need to take him to the vet’s office for a regular check-up. Whatever the reason for your journey, take note of your Phoenix veterinarian’s safety tips for reptile travel:

Get Supplies Together First

Don’t rush around at the last minute gathering everything for your reptile’s excursion. Consider everything your reptile will need for the duration of the trip, then pack it all up together. You might need your pet’s food, water, bedding material, heat lamps, heat rocks, special medications, toys, and other living essentials. Also be sure to have your veterinarian’s phone number on you!

Check Your Destination

This is very important to do before leaving home: check out your destination to make sure your pet can stay there. If you’re heading to a hotel, make sure they allow reptiles. Some hotels don’t allow any pets at all, much less the scaly kind! Also consider your mode of travel. If you’re going by airplane, for instance, special restrictions or travel requirements may be required for your reptilian friend.

The Carrier

For car trips, you’ll need a secure reptile carrier to transport your pet in. Make sure your reptile stays in the carrier for the duration of the trip—letting a pet roam around in a moving car is never a good idea. Try having one member of the family sit next to your reptile’s carrier in the backseat to make sure it stays steady.

Monitor Your Pet During the Trip

Periodically check on your reptile throughout your journey. If you see any signs of discomfort, pain, or agitation, pull the car over and tend to your pet immediately. On longer trips, you’ll want to take regular pit stops to check on your reptile’s supplies. Refill food or water if necessary.

Would you like to learn more about preparing for a trip with your reptilian companion? Call your Phoenix vet’s office today.