Is your pet in her golden years? Pay her back for all the years of love and companionship she’s given you by making her life a little easier! Here, a veterinarian in Phoenix offers some suggestions.

Home Modifications

It’s probably a little harder for your senior pet to get around these days, especially if she’s suffering from debilitating arthritis pain. Try making a few simple home modifications to ease her movements: buy or build pet ramps to help your furry friend get up on furniture or up the stairs. Lay down strips of carpet along slippery tile or wood floors; this will allow your pet to get a firm foothold.

Raise Food Dishes

Something as simple as eating and drinking can be made quite a bit harder for elderly pets. It might be painful and difficult to bend the neck downward to eat or drink, so try raising your pet’s food and water dishes so she doesn’t have to bend as far. Sitting them on an empty shoebox or other small platform will do the trick.

Grooming Assistance

Many pets, especially cats, can be helped immensely with a little assistance in the grooming department. It’s probably harder for them to twist and turn to groom themselves like they once could. Use a pet-specific brush and give your pet a hand. Brushing will remove loose and dead fur, untangle mats, and spread essential skin oil through the coat to keep it shiny and moisturized.

Comfortable Bed

What pet wouldn’t love a soft, warm bed to rest on at the end of the day? Make sure your pet’s bed is well-cushioned to give some relief to those weary joints, and outfit the sleeping area with some warm blankets. Ask your veterinarian about orthopedic or therapeutic pet beds; these may be very helpful for older pets with arthritis or other medical conditions.

Veterinary Visits

Now more than ever, it’s important that your pet sees their vet in Phoenix regularly. This way, any issues can be caught early and dealt with accordingly. Call the clinic today to set up a regular appointment schedule for your pet’s great health.