Are you looking for a cute and quirky little pet? Something that is small and fairly easy to care for, but lots of fun? A ferret may be a good choice for you. These little furballs are quite charming, and don’t need a lot of space. Ferrets do live between six to ten years, so before getting one, make sure you can commit to your pet for his lifetime. You also want to be sure to do thorough research, to ensure that a ferret is the right match for you. In this article, your local Scottsdale vet goes over some basics of ferret care.


Ferrets are very active and playful, so your pet will need plenty of room to run around in his little home. Make sure your pet’s cage has plenty of space for food dishes, toys, and litter box. Get a cage with solid flooring, so your little friend doesn’t hurt his feet. These tiny furballs tend to be quite talented escape artists, so make sure the cage is secure! Your pet will also need a little tent or hut to sleep in. You’ll also want to get a leash and carrier for the little one, and litter boxes for outside his cage.


Ferrets tend to eat several small meals throughout the course of the day. They don’t normally overeat, so usually having food available at all times is the best option. You can use dry ferret food or kitty food for your pet’s main menu. Just be sure to avoid anything fish-based, as ferrets don’t eat fish. To round out your furball’s diet, offer plenty of treats. Cooked chicken or turkey, boiled eggs, fruits and veggies, and kitty treats are all good choices.


Your ferret will need lots of toys to keep him amused. Many toys that are made for cats or birds, such as plastic balls or hanging ladders, are suitable for ferrets. Stuffed animals, little mazes, and playhouses are also fun choices. Your furball will also need time outside his cage each day, so you’ll need to ferret-proof at least one room in your home. Just be careful not to give your pet anything with small pieces, as these can be choking hazards.

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