Kitties are truly extraordinary in many ways. Our feline friends are lovable, snuggly, cute, silly, and full of character. Caring for a cat isn’t super expensive, but nowadays, many of us are looking to cut corners and save money. Your North Phoenix vet gives instructions on how to spoil your cat without breaking the bank.


There are all sorts of ways to provide Fluffy with entertainment options without spending a lot of money. Grow your own catnip is one good option. You can also make kitty toys out of many common household items. The plastic rings from milk gallons, crumpled paper balls, and cardboard boxes are all fun for our feline friends. You can make a super cute kitty cave out of a wire hangar and an old tee shirt. Another option is to cut an old shirt into strips, and braid them together into a rope toy. Last but not least, check your local dollar store for cheap laser pointers!


Kitties are generally quite proficient at finding comfy napping spots, but that doesn’t mean Fluffy furball won’t appreciate a bed of her own. You can make a kitty bed out of a large wicker basket, a box, or even a small plastic storage bin. Just add a pillow and some soft blankets. Voila!

Scratching Options

Our feline friends love kitty towers! A good cat tower can be a bit pricey, but handy types can make a budget friendly DIY version. Old ladders, sisal rope, carpet scraps, thick cardboard tubes, and wood scraps are a few of the materials you can use to build Fluffy’s new playground.


If you have a tablet, consider downloading a few of the apps made for cats. Many only cost a few dollars. Or, record programs about birds or other wildlife for Fluffy to watch while you’re away. Make sure Fluffy has access to at least one window with a good view!


Fluffy will be happiest if she feels loved and secure. Take time each day to play with your feline pal, and offer lots of cuddles, kisses, and ear scratches! You’ll be rewarded with purrs, somewhat unintelligible kitty conversation, snuggles, and kitty love.

Is your cat due for a veterinary examination? Does Fluffy need shots or spay/neuter surgery? Contact us, your North Phoenix vet clinic, anytime. We are always happy to help!