Your pet ownership experiences just expanded by leaps and bounds. After many delightful years of interacting with dogs and cats, you’re adding a small reptile to your pet-friendly home. Today, you brought home Hobie, a small lizard with a ton of personality. Your pint-sized scaly housemate has already visited your Scottsdale vet, who gave him a complete new patient exam. The vet also provided you with species-appropriate habitat and diet guidelines. Life with Hobie offers several distinct advantages.

Compact, Self-Contained Environment

If you live in a smaller home or apartment, making space for an active dog might be challenging. Although cats can live in scaled-down spaces, they require a bed, litter box, and feeding station. However, Hobie and his small reptile cousins get along well in self-contained habitats, such as large aquariums or other roomy enclosures.

Clearcut Habitat and Nutrition Guidelines

Your vet provided expert advice on creating an authentic living environment for Hobie. Based on his species’ requirements, you’ve designed a realistic desert or rainforest habitat. You even included lifelike vegetation and land features. The vet also discussed your lizard’s diet requirements, plus a list of “must avoid” foods. Now that you’ve met your scaly housemate’s basic needs, he’ll enjoy a comfortable lifestyle.

Simple Maintenance Schedule

With your unpredictable work schedule, meeting a dog’s potty walk needs would be difficult. Although a pet sitter would solve the problem, the service fees would impact your budget. Cats seamlessly manage their elimination behaviors, but you’d still have to devote time to frequent (and nasty) litter box chores.

In contrast, Hobie doesn’t require much personal maintenance. He only consumes a few weekly meals, which produce a correspondingly small amount of waste. Your minimal lizard upkeep requirements provide you with more time to enjoy your intriguing pet.

No Fur-Based Allergens

Perhaps you’ve always wanted to share life with an affectionate dog or cat. Unfortunately, your pet allergies have stood in the way. Some wishful pet owners can’t even stroke a furry animal without suffering.

Hobie and his scaly relatives won’t trigger your furry pet allergies. When you interact with a lizard, snake, or turtle, you’ll escape the fur and dander allergens that could make your life miserable.

Your Scottsdale vet will enjoy hearing about your unconventional pet ownership experiences. To obtain expert care for your small reptile, contact us for an appointment.