Your golden retriever Toby is everybody’s favorite buddy. This four-year-old canine companion joyfully greets old and new friends with a furiously wagging tail. During neighborhood walks and dog park visits, he’s often swamped with adoring fans. At home, your happy, well-adjusted pooch enjoys his naps and belly rub sessions. However, your home security cam has seen a different side of your four-footed housemate. From your observations, you believe Toby experiences separation anxiety. Tomorrow, your North Phoenix veterinarian will give your frazzled dog a physical exam and expert behavioral counseling.

Barking Master

Before your car left the driveway, Toby warmed up his vocal cords and began an hours-long barking tirade. Every so often, he added some threatening growls and eerie-sounding howls. Although you’re impressed with his vocal skills and endurance, you pity your neighbors, who could likely hear your dog’s thunderous monologue.

Home Demolisher

Your energetic dog focused his talents on your lovely custom living room set. Within hours, he chewed the colorful upholstered fabric and white stuffing into pitiful-looking piles. To really hone his jaws, he turned to your vintage dining set, gnawing the finish off table and chair legs.

Next, your industrious pooch attacked the hallway baseboards, transforming them into small wooden shards. You’re dismayed about the furnishings’ destruction and replacement expense. However, you’re more concerned that your irrational dog will sink his teeth into something dangerous.

Fecal Expert

Toby has always considered his fecal deposits a necessary evil. During potty walks, he’d rather meet his canine buddies and sniff the trees. Toward the trip’s conclusion, he barely takes a minute to complete his business.

However, your “home alone” dog regards his feces differently. He gleefully creates big piles in remote corners, and happily sniffs them afterward. However, you’ve never encountered the evidence, since your efficient pooch gobbles it up before you return.

Canine Escape Artist

Theoretically, Toby’s heavy-duty plastic kennel should have provided a snug, comforting little den. You even placed his favorite blanket and toys inside. However, he immediately began chewing the crate wall into pieces, creating a hole big enough for an easy escape. Fortunately, you came home before he could break out of the spare bedroom.

If your North Phoenix veterinarian determines that Toby has separation anxiety, he’ll develop an appropriate treatment plan. If your pooch displays similar symptoms, contact us for expert advice.