Arizona is known for having scorching summers. Our feline friends are already wearing fur coats, so heat can be very dangerous for them! While kitties are very self-sufficient, they are not well-equipped to deal with heat. Unlike dogs, panting doesn’t cool them very efficiently, and they only sweat through their paws, so an overheated kitty can get dangerously sick very fast. In this article, a North Phoenix, AZ vet discusses how to keep your furball safe in hot weather.


Make sure that Fluffy has plenty of cool, clean water at all times. If your little furball is often alone at home, consider getting an automated water dispenser. On those really sweltering summer days, drop an ice cube into her bowl. If your kitty decides to bat the ice cube out and play with it, let her. Those cute little paw pads help kitties regulate their temperature, so smacking that piece of ice around the kitchen floor will both keep her cool and entertain her!


Make sure Fluffy has access to at least one room that is cooled by fans or air conditioners. As you likely have noticed, cats are pretty good at finding themselves comfy sleeping places, so let your furball find her own favorite spot. You might find her stretched on the tile floor in a bathroom or pantry, or even relaxing on the cool porcelain of your tub or sink!


A raised bed or hammock will keep Fluffy cool, as these beds allow air to circulate beneath them. You can make a kitty hammock very easily by cutting an old tee shirt or blanket into a square and fastening the corners to the legs of an end table.


Cats are very good at keeping themselves clean, but that doesn’t mean Fluffy can’t use a little help. Dead fur decreases the insulating qualities of cats’ fur, so brushing your kitty regularly to remove that extra hair will also help her beat the heat.

Recognize Heat Stroke

Symptoms of heat stroke in kitties include agitated or distressed behavior; panting; drooling; staggering; and vomiting. Your furball’s eyes may appear glazed, and she may feel very hot to the touch. If your kitty is showing any of these symptoms, mist her with cool water or wrap her in a wet towel, and contact us, your North Phoenix, AZ vet clinic immediately.