Could your dog’s breath wilt houseplants? If so, your pooch may need some dental care. Our canine friends can be afflicted by a wide variety of dental problems, such as loose, cracked, or infected teeth; abscesses; and gum disease. Taking good care of Fido’s choppers is very important! While you’ll of course want to take your furry friend to the vet immediately if he shows any signs of dental trouble, it’s also important for you to provide good home care. One of the best ways to do that is by brushing those not-so-pearly whites. Read this article from a local North Phoenix, AZ vet to learn how to brush your canine pal’s teeth.

Choose The Right Products

Use only products made specifically for dogs. Human toothbrushes aren’t angled right for cleaning Fido’s teeth, and our toothpaste can actually be dangerous for your pooch. To make the process a bit more fun for your furry pal, choose doggy toothpaste in flavors that will appeal to him, such as chicken or beef.

Start Slow

To get Fido used to having his teeth brushed, start out by handling his lips and mouth. Next, try rubbing his teeth and gums gently with a finger. Give him a treat afterwards to sweeten the deal. If he accepts this, you can move on to using a doggy toothbrush and toothpaste.


You don’t have to brush your furry friend’s entire mouth every day. Just do a few teeth at a time, and keep rotating. He’ll still benefit from the care!


When teaching your dog, well, anything, it’s always very important to reward good conduct. This will help your canine pal form positive associations with the desired behavior. End Fido’s toothbrushing sessions with a yummy snack, a belly rub, a fun game of Fetch, or a new toy.

Other Options

If Fido fidgets and doesn’t want any part of having his teeth brushed, there are still some other things you can do to keep those choppers healthy. Dental-formula kibble and treats will help reduce and remove plaque and tartar. Proper chew toys can also help, as they stimulate the flow of saliva. Last but not least, be sure your pet always has plenty of fresh, clean water, so he doesn’t get dehydrated.

Does your dog need dental care? Please contact us, your local North Phoenix, AZ veterinary hospital, anytime!