Are you considering getting a reptilian pet? There are many great benefits to having a snake, lizard, or other reptile. Our scaled friends are quiet, don’t shed, are fairly low maintenance, and don’t cause the pet odors many people dislike. However, when you adopt a pet, you’re taking the responsibility for that animal’s life. Just like any other pet, reptiles have specific care needs, so you’ll want to make sure that you’re making the right decision, for both you and your pet. Below, a Scottsdale, AZ vet lists some things to think about before getting a reptile.


Many reptiles can live for quite a long time. Being rehomed can be very stressful for animals, so make sure you can take care of your scaled buddy until the very end. Don’t adopt a reptile on impulse! If you can’t commit to giving that pet proper care for its entire life, choose an animal with a shorter lifespan.


Feeding a reptile is a bit more complicated than popping open a can of food or pouring kibble into a dish. Reptiles eat things that are … well, let’s just say their diets are not very appetizing. If you have a weak stomach, and can’t stand the thought of giving your pet insects, mice, or rates, you may want to choose a different type of animal. Of course, not all reptiles eat creepy-crawlies: iguanas, for instance, eat mostly vegetables. Be sure to do your research!


Reptiles can be very beautiful and fascinating to watch, but many of them have very specific environmental needs. The exact requirements vary from reptile to reptile, but you may need special equipment to provide the right light, temperature, and humidity levels for your pet. This can have a significant impact on your utility bills, which is another thing to consider.


Some of our scaled friends can grow quite large. You may bring home a cute little lizard, but your tiny dinosaur may someday be, well, not so tiny. Do your research before adopting a reptile, so you know what to expect as your pet grows. It’s also very important to make sure you’ll have the room to provide your pet with a comfortable habitat when he’s fully-grown.

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