Does your cat have any furniture of her own? If not, you may want to consider getting Fluffy a few pieces. While most kitties don’t have too many reservations about getting comfortable on things made for their human servants, our feline pals do enjoy having some pieces that are made for them. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on Fluffy’s furniture: you can go the DIY route and make some. Below, a local North Phoenix, AZ vet offers some great suggestions for homemade pet furniture.

Kitty Tower

One great way to make a cat tower is to simply repurpose a wooden stepladder or a metal storage rack. Add planks to make kitty lounging spots, and then wrap the whole thing in carpet or sisal rope. For extra purrs, set it up in front of a window with a good view.

Box Castle

Fluffy’s box obsession is no secret. If you build your feline buddy a box castle, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll find yourself with one super-happy cat on your hands! All you really need are some boxes and a bit of creativity. Actually, you can even bypass the creative part: look online for some cute ideas.

Pet Tent

You can make your furball a pet tent out of wire hangars and an old tee shirt. Cats naturally gravitate towards small, enclosed places, so this one is very popular with our feline overlords!

Cat Beds

There are several options for making Fluffy yet another bed. Wrap a few pillows in a soft fleece blanket, then sew the blanket closed around them. Or, you can repurpose an old sweater. You can also just put blankets or pillows in a wicker basket or shallow storage tote. An old suitcase can also make a purrfect kitty bed.


To make Fluffy a hammock, just get an end table or coffee table with four legs. You’ll need a blanket or towel. Cut the material so that it’s a bit smaller than the tabletop, and then use ties or Velcro to attach it to the table. Presto!

Window Seats

Kitties love watching birds and squirrels. Make Fluffy her own window seat by installing a wide, sturdy shelf below a windowsill, and adding a comfy bed.

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