Summer is coming! As the temperatures rise, many of us are heading for the pool. Our canine friends can make great swimming buddies. Fido may really enjoy cooling off with a nice dip on a hot day. When it comes to swimming with dogs, always put your faithful pet’s safety first. Below, a Scottsdale, AZ vet discusses pool safety for dogs.

Show Fido The Exit

First and foremost, make sure your canine buddy knows where the pool stairs are. That way, if Fido ever falls in when you’re not around, he’ll be able to get back out again. When training your dog, test him by standing outside the pool while he’s in it, and calling him to you. It can also help to put something near the stairs to mark the exit. A potted tree or unique deck chair will do nicely.

Teaching Fido To Swim

While some of our canine friends take to water like four-legged ducks, swimming doesn’t always come naturally to dogs. Fido may even have to be taught how to do the doggy paddle. If your pet can’t swim, take time to teach him. Never throw your furry pal into the water: this is extremely dangerous, and even if your pup figures out how to swim, he’ll likely be scared of water afterwards. Instead, support your pooch while he’s learning by holding him gently.


Dogs can get sunburns, just like people. Pups with thin and/or pale fur are especially susceptible. Ask your vet for advice on using sunscreen on Fido. Also, rinse your furry buddy’s fur off when he gets out of the pool, to wash away chlorine and other chemicals.

Paw Care

Just like human skin, Fido’s paw pads will be extremely delicate after they’ve been immersed in water. Your canine pal can get painful blisters on his paws by running around on hard surfaces after he’s been swimming. Keep your pooch on soft ground when he gets out of the water.

Pool Access

We recommend blocking access to your pool with a fence, especially if you use a pool covering. It’s much too easy for a dog to mistake the cover for a solid surface, and hop onto it. It’s always better to be safe than sorry!

Please call us, your Scottsdale, AZ animal clinic, for all of your dog’s veterinary care needs. We are always happy to help!