As Thanksgiving approaches, many of us are looking forward to slowing down for a few days, and enjoying some quality time and delicious holiday food with friends and family members. It’s also important to remember the meaning of this special day: gratitude. Cats are definitely something to be thankful for! The autumn holiday can be dangerous and stressful for Fluffy, however, so you’ll want to take some precautions to keep your furball happy, healthy, and purring. Below, a Scottsdale, AZ vet discusses Turkey Day with cats.


There’s nothing wrong with giving your adorable pet a special holiday meal. Just be sure to only give Fluffy foods that are safe for her. Some good options are plain, canned tuna in water; shredded deli meat; or cooked, unseasoned meat, fish, or poultry with the bones, skin, and fat removed. Your furball may also enjoy a little dish of sodium-free broth or kitty milk.


Some kitties are fearless and friendly, and see guests as extra laps to snuggle up on. Other kitties are much more timid, and may bolt for their favorite hiding places as soon as the doorbell rings. If you have a shy furball, put Fluffy in a quiet back room with her food, bedding, toys, and a litterbox.


Before the big day, thoroughly dust and vacuum your home, and change your air filters. This will help remove dust, fur, and dander from your home. To get your kitty’s fur off upholstery, try using a squeegee, a rubber dish glove, or a damp cloth. If you have guests with allergies, setting out boxes of tissues for them will be a nice touch. Brushing your feline pal will also help, as you’ll be trapping Fluffy’s dead fur in a brush before it gets stuck to everything.


Many of our favorite holiday dishes are poisonous to kitties! Never give your cat garlic, onions, scallions, or chives; chocolate; caffeine; alcohol; raw dough and yeast; nuts; and anything that contains xylitol. Many decorative items, especially candles and potpourri burners, are also dangerous. Choose and hang decorations wisely: keep anything with flames or heating elements, small parts, sharp edges, or dangling threads in secure spots that Fluffy can’t reach.

Happy Thanksgiving! Please contact us, your local Scottsdale, AZ pet hospital, for all of your cat’s veterinary care needs. We are here to keep your kitty happy, healthy, and purring!