Does your canine buddy enjoy playing Fetch? There’s a good chance that the answer to that question is yes! Playing is of course lots of fun for dogs, but it’s also great for them in many ways: it helps keep them active, prevents doggy boredom, and offers them beneficial mental stimulation. It also burns off your pup’s excess energy, leaving you with a calmer pet. While Fetch may be Fido’s favorite game, there are several other fun games you can play with your pooch. A North Phoenix, AZ vet lists some of them below.


Take turns chasing your dog, and having him chase you. Fido will probably have a blast even if he doesn’t really understand the concept of the game!

Simon Says

Put Fido through his paces by having him carry out commands, like Lay Down, Roll Over, Sit, Stay, Come, or Shake Paw.

Hide And Seek

Hide somewhere in your house, and then call your pooch and see how long it takes him to find you. For extra tail wags, give your canine friend a treat when he locates you.

Name Game

Once Fido knows how to Fetch, you can start working some education into his playtime by teaching him to associate objects with their names. Start by playing Fetch with a specific toy, and name that toy. Then, you can slowly start teaching him about other items. Look online for step-by step instructions.

Doggy Basketball

To make this classic sport into a pet-friendly activity, you’ll need a laundry basket and, of course, a ball. Start by getting your pup’s attention, and then dropping the ball into the basket. Incorporate a word or phrase to say as you do this, like ‘Drop’ or ‘Score.’ Let Fido watch you doing this several times, then let him try. Your canine companion may pick it up right away. Or he may just give you an adorable head tilt. It will be fun to find out!

Red Light, Green Light

This is a simple and fun way to work on Fido’s training. Change the classic commands to Stay and Come. Give your furry pal snacks and ear scritches when he obeys.

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