Did you know that National Dog Day is coming up August 26th? We probably don’t have to tell you how special and wonderful our amazing canine pals are. Fido’s love, loyalty, and undying friendship are all truly precious gifts. Man’s Best Friend definitely deserves a bit of extra pampering on this special day! Read on as a local Scottsdale, AZ vet lists some terrific ways to celebrate National Dog Day.


A new toy is bound to get your furry friend’s cute tail wagging! Pick up a new plaything for Fido, and indulge him with a fun play session.


As we all know, yummy snacks rank pretty high on the list of Fido’s favorite things. Offer your four-legged buddy a special treat. Doggy ice cream, which you can find in pet stores, is a great choice. Plain, cooked chicken, fish, or meat, without the bones or fat, is another good option. You can also offer your pooch a special homemade treat. Just be sure to stick to recipes that only call for dog-safe ingredients.

Puppy Playzone

If you have a yard for your canine companion to play in, why not spruce it up a bit, and make it more fun for Fido? A new doghouse would be a great gift! Your pooch may also appreciate a kiddie pool or a sandbox.

New Bed

Fido spends quite a bit of time snoozing. In fact, Man’s Best Bud spends about half of his time asleep! Consider getting your furry pal a comfy new doggy bed.

Mechanical Ball Launcher

Is chasing tennis balls your pup’s favorite thing ever? Get Fido a mechanical ball launcher, and let him play to his little heart’s content. (Note: because tennis balls can be a choking hazard to large breeds, we don’t recommend these for big dogs.)

Fun Outing

Dogs love to explore new places. Take your four-legged friend on a fun outing to a doggy park, or explore a new trail. Afterwards, you can bring Fido to a dog-friendly café for a special treat.

Quality Time

Nothing will please Fido more than just spending some quality time with his favorite human. Treat your canine friend to an extra-long walk, and then indulge him with belly rubs and ear scritches.

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