If you have a cat, you have probably realized that, though kitties may be small, they have very big purrsonalities. Fluffy certainly has some very strong opinions about things like baths, loud noises, and baths. However, there are also quite a few things that our feline pals just can’t be bothered to care about. Read on as a North Phoenix, AZ vet lists some things that leave cats unimpressed.

Your Privacy

Kitties like to keep a very close eye on their humans. Fluffy may follow you around like a cute, four-legged shadow. In fact, your nosy little pet may even follow you into the bathroom!

Your Computer

We’re not quite sure why cats are so prone to sleeping or walking on keyboards. Perhaps Fluffy learns by osmosis. Or maybe, this is part of her grand scheme to take over the internet. Then again, your pet may simply disapprove of your paying attention to a screen, when you clearly are supposed to be petting her.

Your Need For Sleep

Every morning, cats all over the world wake up their people, demanding breakfast. Fluffy has even been known to smack her humans with her paw while they are trying to sleep! Kitties also have a habit of getting super playful in the middle of the night. Clearly, our furry friends are completely unimpressed by our sleeping patterns!

Price Tags

Have you ever bought your furball an expensive piece of cat furniture, only to have her ignore it and sleep in a cardboard box? Does Fluffy prefer playing with a crumpled piece of paper over batting around that new catnip toy you got her? Case in point.

Your Clothes

Kitties are basically furry little bundles of cute that want to be fed, petted, and offered good food and comfy napping spots. When your feline buddy wants to snuggle, she can’t be bothered to worry about whether she leaves fur on your clothes.

Your Furniture

Your pet isn’t trying to ruin your couch when she scratches it: she’s just following her instinctive need to care for her nails. That said, Fluffy won’t lose sleep over the marks she left on your sofa. (Tip: providing your kitty with a cat tower or good scratching post is very important!)

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