Do you have a playful cat? Frisky felines are lots of fun to watch! Your rambunctious pet definitely deserves a few gifts of her own this holiday season. Here, a Scottsdale, AZ vet lists some great gift ideas for playful cats.

Cat Tower

If your furball doesn’t have a cat tower yet, this would make a great gift for her. If you have a kitten, get Fluffy a fun activity center, one that incorporates toys and treats and offers her lots of spots to play and hide.


Toys make great stocking stuffers for our feline pals! Catnip mice are always a good choice, but Fluffy may also enjoy wand toys, or little balls.

Automated Laser Pointer

If you want to get Fluffy a fun modern toy, offer her an automated laser pointer. While this unfortunately won’t increase your frolicsome pet’s chances of actually catching that little red dot, it will entertain her.

Catnip Bubbles

Did you know that you can now give Fluffy her catnip in bubble form? This is a great gift for frisky furballs! And, as you can probably guess, kitties playing with bubbles are super cute! (Hint: this would make for an adorable holiday photo!)

Window Seat

Does your cat spend a lot of time looking out the window? Make Fluffy’s birdwatching time a little more comfortable for her by making her a cute window seat. For extra purrs, use Velcro to attach a pet bed.

Pet Tent

Cats often feel safe in small, enclosed areas. Buy or make Fluffy a pet tent to peek out of, or to use as a hiding spot to ambush you from when you walk past.

Mechanical Fish

Did you know that you can get mechanical fish for Fluffy to ‘catch?’ These cute kitty toys ‘swim’ in water, and can be great fun for playful kitties.

Robotic Mouse

Another great smart toy is a robotic mouse. Your kitty’s new plaything will respond to her movements and vocalizations, keeping her entertained and active.


Even the friskiest cats can’t play all the time! Get Fluffy a comfy bed to snuggle up in when playtime is over.

Wall-Mounted Furniture

Does your kitty love high spots? Get her some wall-mounted furniture to look adorable on!

Happy Holidays! Please contact us, your Scottsdale, AZ pet hospital, for all of your frisky cat’s veterinary care needs. We’re here to help!