Happy New Year! Are you already making plans for the coming year, and perhaps setting some resolutions? Don’t forget about Fido! Read on as a Scottsdale, AZ vet suggests some fun things to do with your dog in 2018.

Go Swimming

Swimming is a great way to cool off on a sweltering summer afternoon. If your pet likes the water, take him to a dog-friendly pool or lake. You can also get Fido a little kiddie pool to splash around in on hot days. Just be sure to put your pup’s safety first. Never leave your dog unattended near water!

Visit A Doggy Café

Fido loves exploring! If your furry buddy is well-behaved in public, take him to a dog-friendly café, and let him enjoy a special snack.

Learn Something New

Many of our canine buddies really enjoy learning new tricks. If Fido hasn’t mastered basic doggy obedience commands yet, you’ll want to start there. However, if your pooch already knows how to Sit, Stay, Come, Heel, and Lay Down, teach him a cute trick like Shake or Roll Over.

Have A Photo Session

Man’s Best Friend is very photogenic. Have a photo shoot with your canine companion. Take your pictures at dusk or dawn to get the best natural light. (Tip: try downloading a pet photo app for your phone.)


Take a day to go visit a new park or trail with Fido. Just be careful not to overexert him! Also, remember to bring along plenty of water, enough for both yourself and your furry friend.

Savor A Tasty Snack

Pamper your pooch with a cold treat this summer. You can make pupsicles by freezing doggy biscuits in sodium-free broth. Or, make Fido his very own ice cream. Mix sodium-free broth with plain yogurt, organic baby food, or peanut butter, and then freeze. Instant tail wags!


Did you know that playing with your furry pal regularly is one of the best things you can do for him? Keep Fido’s toy box full, and carve out a few minutes a day to play with him.


Don’t forget to take some down time and just hang out with your canine friend. Time spent with dogs is never wasted!

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