Do you bring your dog to a kennel when you are going out of town? Most people only board their canine pals when they go on trips. However, there are some other times when you may want to consider bringing your pooch to a doggy hotel. A local Scottsdale, AZ vet lists a few of them below.

Special Events

If you have a wedding, birth, graduation, or big reunion in your future, you may want to consider bringing Fido to a hotel. That way, you’ll be able to focus on the big event without worrying about your furry buddy. Plus, your pup can run and play with his friends, instead of sitting home waiting for you. This is also a good idea if you are hosting a lot of guests, especially if some of them are allergic to pets.

Medical Procedures

This one will really vary from person to person and dog to dog. If you’re having a simple outpatient procedure, such as a tooth extraction, you may want your canine companion to snuggle up with while you recuperate and binge-watch your favorite shows. However, if you are having major surgery, caring for Fido could be too much for the first few days. Ask your vet and your doctor for advice.


Moving can get pretty hectic, and can be stressful for both pets and people. Fido may become uneasy and curious when he sees everything getting packed, as he won’t know what is going on. Plus, your pooch could easily run out an open door or trip someone carrying boxes. We recommend boarding your furry friend on the day you move. If you’re going long distance, board Fido on the day your belongings are picked up, and the day they are delivered.


If you’re starting a project that will take weeks or even months to finish, you’ll probably just need to keep Fido out of that area. For quick, chaotic renovations, however, such as replacing carpet or getting a new roof, you may want to board your furry buddy. For one thing, the noise of tools may make Fido anxious. Plus, work sites can be dangerous. You definitely don’t want your four-legged pal chewing on nails or knocking a ladder over!

Do you need to book a boarding reservation for your dog? Contact us, your local Scottsdale, AZ pet hospital, anytime!