As you’ve probably noticed, Arizona gets pretty hot at this time of year! Dehydration is a serious danger for our canine pals in summertime. Read on as a North Phoenix, AZ vet offers tips on keeping Fido properly hydrated.


Make sure that your furry friend always has plenty of clean water. If you have more than one pet, and/or live in a large house, set out multiple watering stations. If Fido spends time in the yard, you’ll want to put water dishes outside as well. Wash your pup’s bowls daily, to prevent grime and bacteria from forming. This is particularly important with outside bowls, which can be contaminated by wild animals, some of which—such as certain toads—can actually poison the water.


Sodium-free broth is a healthy treat for pets. Feel free to give your pooch a bowl on hot days. Just check the label, and make sure there is no msg.

Wet Food

Canned and dry food both have their own benefits. However, one advantage of canned food is that it does have higher moisture content. Ask your vet for nutritional advice.

Ice Cubes

On sweltering days, drop an ice cube or two into your dog’s bowl. Fido may also enjoy chewing on an ice cube as a treat.


Want to score some tail wags? Put pieces of kibble in an ice cube tray. You can also add bacon bits, shredded cheese, and/or cooked, plain meat. Pour sodium-free broth over it, and then pop it in the freezer overnight. Offer your canine companion one or two as a yummy snack. Fido will also appreciate doggy ice cream, which you can find in most pet stores.

Portable Water

Always bring water with you whenever you take Fido off your property. You may want to get collapsible dishes, or a doggy water bottle with an attached bowl.


Keep a close eye out for signs of dehydration. Some common ones are panting, thick drool, a dry nose, sunken eyes, pale gums, trembling, vomiting, diarrhea, a warm back, and/or dark urine. If you notice any of these symptoms, immediately give your furry buddy some water, then take him to a cool area and call your vet for further instructions.

Please call us, your North Phoenix, AZ pet hospital, with any questions or concerns about your dog’s health or care. We are here to help!