Did you know that Fido has some important life lessons to teach us? We know, your cute pet may repeatedly bonk his nose on the glass door or let the cat steal his bed. However, even if our canine companions are a bit goofy at times, they really do have a great outlook on life. In this article, a local North Phoenix, AZ vet lists some of Fido’s golden rules.

Stay Loyal

Dogs have many wonderful traits, but their loyalty is definitely special. Fido will stick faithfully by your side through all the ups and downs of life, no matter what. Unconditional love and friendship are both precious and rare, and is definitely something to celebrate.

Investigate Everything

Man’s Best Friend is quite curious, and loves to explore. Your pet will also check out anything new you bring home, and keep a close eye on the squirrels in the yard.

Smell The Roses

If dogs had one golden rule, it may very well be to stop and smell the roses. And the grass. And the bushes. And the neighbor’s cat.

Have Fun

Dogs have a special joy about them when they feel happy and content. There’s nothing more adorable than a playful pooch happily bounding after his favorite toy, or his favorite stick!

Enjoy Your Food

Fido may take this one a little too seriously. Man’s Best Bud does have a habit of scarfing down, well, pretty much anything he can get his paws on. Still, eating good, nourishing food is important.

Enjoy Life

Our canine buddies really know how to enjoy the small things in life. Belly rubs, car rides, strips of bacon, and even walks are all on the list of Fido’s favorite things. Comfy beds and fun play sessions also rank pretty high. Your furry pal may also be completely content to doze off at your feet.

Be Yourself

Fido may look silly when he’s sprawled out on his back, but that doesn’t matter to him. Dogs are often the most adorable when they’re being a little goofy!

Show Your Love

Dogs may not be able to speak, but they can be pretty clear about showing affection. Tail wags, happy dance, and puppy kisses are impossible to mistake for anything other than doggy love.

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