With Thanksgiving approaching fast, many of us are taking time to be grateful for the truly important things in life: our families, our friends, our communities . . . and, of course, cats. But what is Fluffy thankful for? A North Phoenix, AZ vet makes a few educated guesses below.


It’s probably no surprise to find beds on this list. You’ve probably noticed that cats are rather sleepy little furballs. Fluffy can sleep up to 20 hours a day, though she usually clocks in at a mere 14 hours.


Your feline pal may not get a tan from laying in the sun, but she certainly does love to sunbathe. Some kitties even move from spot to spot so they can keep up with their favorite sunbeams!


Our feline buddies just can’t resist boxes. It doesn’t matter how big the cat is, or how big the box is. However, one surefire way to activate the purr is to offer Fluffy a box that’s just the right size.


There are few things cuter than a kitty happily enjoying the effects of catnip. Giving Fluffy some of her favorite plant may be just as entertaining for you as it is for her!

Good Food

Fluffy can be a bit finicky at times, and may turn up her cute little nose at her food. However, our feline friends still enjoy a good meal. Offer your kitty a premium, high-quality food.

Warm Laps

One wonderful thing about cats is the fact that they are just the right size to fit in our laps. Fluffy certainly does make a great lap warmer!


Cats are always safer living indoors. However, just looking out the window can keep kitties entertained for hours. Make sure your furball has a comfy spot where she can relax, sunbathe, and birdwatch.


It can be easy to forget that your pampered house pet is actually a fierce predator by nature. Playing helps Fluffy unleash her inner huntress. It’s also great for her both physically and mentally. Make sure your frisky feline has lots of fun toys to play with.

Clean Litterbox

Kitties are very clean, and they like their bathrooms clean as well. We recommend scooping daily, and changing the litter out every week.

Happy Thanksgiving! Please contact us, your local North Phoenix, AZ veterinary clinic, anytime. We’re happy to help!