Are you going to be leaving town soon? If so, you may want to put your canine pal in a kennel. Fido is a wonderful friend and companion, but he can’t go everywhere with you. Read on as a North Phoenix, AZ vet offers tips on getting your pooch ready for his hotel stay.


Every kennel is a bit different, so you’ll want to find out what you should and shouldn’t bring for your furry buddy. If you are bringing food and/or medicine for Fido, pack a few days’ extra, just in case.


Fido’s schedule at the kennel may be a bit different from his usual routine at home. Ask the kennel staff what your pet’s itinerary will look like. If it’s going to be a huge change from his normal one, start getting him adjusted before you leave.

Avoid Long Goodbyes

We know, it’s never easy leaving your furry best friend behind. When you drop Fido off, you’ll probably be thinking about how much you’ll miss the little (or not so little) guy, and may want to reassure him that you’re coming back. This will only prolong things, and may make your pet more upset. We recommend making your farewell short and sweet.

Trial Run

Before bringing Fido to his home away from home for a week-long stay, bring him to the kennel for an overnight or weekend trip. That way, your pooch will already be familiar with his doggy hotel.


Any decent kennel will require proof of your dog’s registration and vaccination schedules. You’ll want to call in advance to find out what, if anything, Fido needs. Of course, this is one benefit of boarding with your vet: they would already have that information.


Provide any specific instructions clearly and in writing. We love learning about our furry wards, and will no doubt chuckle if you tell us about Fido’s obsession with the neighbor’s cat. However, it’s much more important for us to know that he’s allergic to wheat.


Don’t be afraid to ask questions about kennel procedures and policies. Also, remember to leave both your contact information, and the information for a secondary or backup contact. You’ll also want to ask about the kennel’s hours, especially for drop-off and pickup times.

Do you need to board your pooch? Contact us, your North Phoenix, AZ vet clinic, today!