Did you know that over half of our feline friends are overweight or obese? If you’ve noticed your kitty getting a bit pudgy, there’s a good chance that Fluffy isn’t actually just fluffy. This is actually quite a serious issue, as those extra pounds are very bad for your cute pet’s health! Read on as a Scottsdale, AZ vet offers some tips on keeping your furball from turning into a butterball.

Portion Control

It’s very easy to overfeed a cat. Even giving your feline buddy just ten calories too much each day can cause her to pack on a pound a year. That may not be much for a person, but it’s pretty significant for a kitty! Ask your vet for specific advice on serving sizes, and follow those recommendations.


Just like people, cats sometimes snack out of boredom. Make sure your furry buddy has plenty of fun toys to play with, as well as a window with a good view. Fluffy will also enjoy exploring boxes, paper bags, and other nooks and crannies.

Food Choices

The type of food your feline pal eats may also play a role in her weight. Kitties that eat dry food or a mix of wet and dry may be more inclined to gain weight than furballs who get canned food. Many types of kibble—especially lower-quality brands—have lots of carb-heavy fillers in them. This may contribute to weight gain. Get Fluffy the best brand you can afford.

Limit Treats

Kitties are very, very cute, and they have a way of wrapping us around their paws. If your cat has you trained to fill her bowl every time she meows, you may need to learn to steel yourself against those cajoling pleas. Treats can also be detrimental. There’s nothing wrong with giving Fluffy a snack, but don’t go overboard!

Kitty Workouts

You probably won’t get Fluffy onto a treadmill, unless of course she wants to take a nap on it. Therefore, you’ll need to trick or bribe her into staying active. Regular play sessions will not only keep your pet happy and entertained, they’ll also help keep her in shape. We also recommend getting your kitty some pet furniture that encourages her to jump and climb, such as a cat tower.

Do you have questions about your pet’s health or care? Contact us, your Scottsdale, AZ vet clinic, today.