April is National Frog Month! Frogs probably don’t rank very high on the list of most popular pets. However, these guys actually can make good animal companions. Read on as a Scottsdale, AZ vet discusses caring for pet frogs.

Frogs as Children’s Pets

Many frogs are quite docile and easy to care for, so they may seem like a good choice for a child’s first pet. This isn’t exactly wrong: frogs can be quite cute and charming. However, many frogs don’t really like to be handled. Others just don’t do very much aside from just sitting around being a frog. Keep in mind that you’ll need to make sure your child washes their hands every time they handle their frog. Frogs can get certain diseases which can be transmitted to humans, such as salmonella.

Choosing A Frog

Do plenty of research before picking a frog or toad. There are many different types available, and their activity levels and care needs vary wildly. You’ll also want to consider your pet’s expected adult size and lifespan. African dwarf frogs are good options for first-time frog owners. Horned frogs, White’s tree frog, fire-bellied toads, and milk frogs are also suitable choices. Avoid poisonous frogs, unless you have experience.


Frogs may not be the best choice of pet for those with queasy stomachs. Many frogs eat live insects, such as crickets, roaches, and waxworms. Not all frogs need to have their lunches still moving, though. Some, like the African dwarf frog, can eat freeze-dried food. Ask your vet for specific advice.


Your pet’s habitat needs will depend on his breed. Some frogs live in water, and need aquariums. Others live on land, and need tanks with small ‘ponds.’ A tree frog may need a tall tank with lots of branches to climb. And, while some frogs do fine in small tanks, bigger ones—such as bullfrogs—may need a 75-gallon tank, which is fairly sizeable.

Buying Your Frog

Look for a local rescue that handles reptiles and amphibians. You can also go to a pet store or a reputable breeder. Do not capture a wild frog for a pet. Many frogs are endangered or protected, and keeping them is generally illegal. This can also upset the balance of fragile ecosystems.

Do you have questions about pet frogs? Contact us, your Scottsdale, AZ vet clinic. We are happy to help!