Birds are very adorable little pets. One thing that is crucial to Polly’s health and well-being is making sure she has suitable perches. Birds use their perches almost all the time, for cleaning themselves, sleeping, socializing, and just hanging out. Perches are also important for keeping your feathered pal’s feet and legs healthy. There are some things to keep in mind when choosing and setting up your bird’s perches, however. A North Phoenix, AZ vet discusses bird perches in this article.


In the wild, birds sit on branches of all different sizes and materials. Therefore, Polly’s little legs are suited to adapting to ever-changing perches. You’ll need to provide your colorful little pet with a variety of perches. Some should be hard, while others should be more flexible.

Types of Perches

There are many different types of perches available, including corner, wooden, edible, sandy, shower, and rope perches. These all serve unique purposes. Some are great for Polly’s feet, while others are perfect for when your pet is out of her cage. You’ll also want to change the perches frequently to keep things fun for her. Do some research, and ask your vet for advice.


You’ll want to put Polly’s perches in a few different spots. Be careful not to place them over her food and water bowls. If you do that, your winged pal’s food will likely be contaminated with droppings. Keep in mind that birds are curious and a bit nosy, and like to keep an eye on their humans. Putting perches at different heights in your pet’s cage will let her enjoy several vantage points. Make sure her wings or tail won’t touch the cage when she is on her perch.


Choosing the right size perch is very important. Your feathered friend could hurt herself on perches that are too big or too small for her! For example, a finch won’t be comfortable using a perch made for a Cockatoo. If you’re not sure what to get, ask your vet for recommendations.


Polly’s perches should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected at least once a week. Most people do this while they’re cleaning their bird’s cages. This is a great time to change and rearrange your winged buddy’s perches!

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