Is your kitty in her golden years? Senior cats are absolutely adorable. However, your pet will have slightly different care needs than a younger kitty would. Just like people, kitties can experience cognitive decline as they age, and can become confused, disoriented, and forgetful. Read on as a North Phoenix, AZ vet discusses senility in cats.


Fluffy can’t tell you if she is becoming senile, so it’s up to you to watch for red flags. Disorientation is a common one. Litterbox issues are also not uncommon. Your feline pal may also seem anxious or restless, and she may get a bit grumpy at times. Sometimes senior cats withdraw from their humans, and take to spending time by themselves. You may also see some differences in your furry buddy’s grooming habits. Some kitties over-groom themselves, while others neglect their beauty regimes.

Mental Stimulation

Senior cats often benefit from mental stimulation. Of course, if you give Fluffy a crossword puzzle, she’ll probably just fall asleep on top of it. Instead, you’ll want to spend time every day playing with your feline friend. Kitties have to really concentrate to time those tricky pounces and jumps just right! Another thing that can be beneficial is leaving a TV or radio on in the background, especially when you leave your furry friend home alone. Last but not least, try to keep Fluffy on a set schedule for meals and playtime. (Your furball will set her own schedule for naps.)


It isn’t uncommon for older kitties to become very vocal. Fluffy may forget where she was going, get lost in the kitchen, or get ‘stuck’ in a corner or on a staircase. When these things happen, your pet may feel anxious and confused, and may meow to vocalize her distress. Just try to comfort your kitty as much as you can by petting her and talking to her.

Purrs and Love

The best thing you can do for your furry pal is to simply make sure that she feels loved and safe. Spend time with Fluffy every day, and pay lots of attention to her. The time we have to spend with our four-legged companions is truly precious, and often passes much too quickly.

Please reach out to us, your North Phoenix, AZ vet clinic, for all of your cat’s veterinary care needs. We are dedicated to offering great care!