Halloween is just around the corner! This is a dangerous time of year for our feline pals. Although our local kitties won’t have to deal with as many weather-related hazards as their northern kin, there are still some seasonal dangers for pet parents to be concerned about. Read on as a North Phoenix, AZ vet lists some Halloween hazards for cats.


Candles and jack-o-lanterns are popular pieces of Halloween décor. However, fires and cats can be a dangerous mix! Put candles in high, secure spots that your kitty can’t reach. Wall sconces are a good bet. As for jack-o-lanterns, make sure Fluffy can’t get to those either.


Although not all cats will go for sweets, some of them will eat anything they can get their paws on. Many of those sweet Halloween treats are toxic to our feline friends. Chocolate, nuts, and xylitol are all poisonous to your cute pet. Hard candies are also dangerous. Plastic wrappers are another concern, as for some reason—likely the texture—many kitties enjoy chewing them. Keep the candy dish away from Fluffy! Kitties also sometimes eat things when urged to by their humans. If you have little ones, don’t let them share their candy with the cat. (You’ll also want to make sure they don’t try to put Fluffy in a costume.)


Kitties are hunters by nature, and often can’t resist pouncing on and playing with small objects. Keep anything small, sharp, and/or crinkly out of the reach of those cute little paws. Anything with dangling ropes or threads is also unsafe.


Kitties tend to like their domains nice and quiet. Fluffy may get anxious if the doorbell keeps ringing. She may also be frightened of various costumes. During the candy rush, put your furball in a quiet back room with a comfy bed and some toys, and let her sleep through the commotion.

Outdoor Hazards

Sadly, many cats are stolen around Halloween. Black cats are especially in danger, because of old folk tales that associate them with witches. In fact, some shelters refuse to adopt them out at this time of year because of this. Outdoor kitties are also at risk from increased traffic. Err on the side of caution, and keep Fluffy safe and sound indoors!

Happy Halloween! Please contact us, your North Phoenix, AZ vet clinic, for your kitty’s veterinary care needs.