Happy New Year! As we leave 2019 behind, many people are thinking about their plans and goals for the coming year. What about your feline friend? As it turns out, Fluffy has a few plans of her own for the coming year. Read on as a Animal Hospital Scottsdale, AZ lists some things on your kitty’s 2020 agenda.


This one probably isn’t much of a surprise. Our feline buddies certainly are sleepy little furballs! Fluffy may try to sleep in some new spots or positions this year. Or, she may try to spend more time in your lap.

Work On The Pounce

Kitties are very playful little pets, and they love to indulge their inner huntresses. Your furry pal may work on those tricky run/pounce/meow combinations in 2020. Or, she may focus on trying to catch that elusive red dot.

Demand Cuddles

One thing we love about cats is the fact that they’re so affectionate. Fluffy is super cute when she is feeling cuddly! If your kitty wants attention, she may meow, head butt you, rub against your legs, or politely tap you with her paw. Or, she may just jump into your lap.

Refuse Cuddles

On the other end of the spectrum, we have more aloof cats, that prefer to be admired from a distance. Fluffy may only tolerate being petted for a minute or two. Don’t force attention on your feline pal: pamper her with toys and treats instead.

Explore A Box

Cats are full of adorable quirks, but their box obsession may very well be one of the cutest. At some point this year, you’ll put an empty box down on the floor. There’s a pretty good chance that your furball will immediately hop into it.

Play With Something That Isn’t A Toy

As the saying says, there’s no accounting for taste. Plenty of our feline patients ignore the cat toys their owners bring home, and play with bottlecaps or crumpled-up pieces of paper instead.

Help Change The Sheets

We’re not sure why, but Fluffy just can’t resist sheet-changing time. Fluffy’s antics are always cute, if not particularly helpful.

All of us here at Raintree Pet Resort & Medical Center, your Animal Hospital Scottsdale, AZ want to wish you and your pets a wonderful new year. Please contact us if ever we can be of assistance.