Have you decided to enroll your pet in doggy daycare? If so, that’s great! Fido will certainly benefit from being able to run and play with his friends while you are at work. Here, Raintree Pet Resort, vet in Scottsdale AZ offers some tips on taking Fido to doggie daycare.

Have Paperwork Ready

When choosing a doggy daycare, run from any place that doesn’t require proof of vaccinations. (Note: the exception here would be if you are bringing your pup to his vet’s for doggy daycare, as they would have that information already.) Any decent doggy daycare will also want to know if your pet has been fixed, and will want to confirm that Fido is up to date on his parasite control products. If your pet is behind on flea/tick and heartworm prevention, get him up to speed before he starts school.

Ask Questions

Daycares all run a little differently, so you want to be sure you are clear on policies and procedures. You’ll want to ask about things like safety certifications. Although here at Raintree we are both a veterinary clinic and a daycare, this isn’t always the case. If there is no vet on site, it’s important to know that the attendants will be able to respond properly to injuries or health emergencies. There should always be at least one staff member who is certified with first aid and CPR. You’ll also want to take a look at the doggy daycare facility, and make sure it is clean. We recommend asking about meals, upgrades, and emergency protocols as well.

Doggy Petiquette

Dogs are very social, and really benefit from being able to spend time with other pooches. However, if your pet is very timid or frightened of other dogs, or acts aggressive, he may not be a good candidate for group interactions. If he just hasn’t spent much time with other dogs, he may need guidance from his four-legged friends. In some cases, Fido may need more training before starting daycare.

Ask About Schedules

Another thing you’ll want to find out about is your pet’s schedule for walks, meals, and playtime. Ideally, there should be plenty of time both for naps and playtime. If the itinerary is significantly different from what Fido’s routine is at home, start making adjustments in advance.

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