Did you know that is April 23rd is Lost Dog Awareness Day? Sadly, as many as one in three dogs will get lost during the course of their lives. It can be absolutely heartbreaking to realize that your furry pal has gone missing! Read on as a local Scottsdale, AZ vet discusses lost dogs, and offers tips on what you can do to keep your beloved pet safe.


A few simple precautions can make a huge difference here. First and foremost, if you have a yard, make sure that your fencing is secure, so that Fido can’t jump over it or crawl under it. It’s also a good idea to get a self-latching gate. Finally, whenever you take your dog off your property, keep him on a leash. Even the most well-mannered pup may be tempted to race off if they see a cat or squirrel! Training is also important. Make sure your furry pal knows—and obeys—basic commands, such as Sit, Stay, Come, Heel, and Lay Down. You want to make sure you can call your pooch back to you if he does get away.


ID tags are also important. Plus, they are required by law! Of course, your pet should also be wearing a microchip. If Fido hasn’t been chipped yet, we recommend getting this done right away. You’ll also need to make sure that your records are correct in the chipmaker’s database. If your furry buddy has already been chipped, try using the AAHA Pet Universal Microchip Hookup tool here to check your records.


Going out of town? Keep Fido safe and sound in a kennel. You don’t want to risk your pooch running out of your friend’s yard, or your aunt leaving the door open!

Worst-Case Scenario

If your dog does ever go missing, jump into action right away. Start by searching your home and yard, and make sure Fido didn’t get stuck in a shed or something. Next, thoroughly search your neighborhood. No luck? Make some flyers, showing pics of your pet from both sides. Offering a reward—even a small one—will increase the chances of someone bringing your dog back to you. Post the flyers online and around your local area. You’ll also want to start checking shelters. Don’t give up!

Please contact us, your local Scottsdale, AZ vet clinic, anytime. We are here to help!