Are you going to be traveling soon? If so, you may need to bring your bird to a hotel while you are gone. Polly can’t stay home by herself! And, since not everyone is familiar with birds and their care, you may not be comfortable leaving your winged pal in the care of your friends and family members. Here, a local Scottsdale, AZ veterinarian discusses boarding Polly.

Benefits of Boarding

There are some clear advantages to boarding your pet. First and foremost, you will be able to relax, knowing she’s in good hands and in professional care. If you are boarding with your vet, you can also enjoy the benefits of knowing that your pet’s caretakers are already familiar with her, and will be aware of any health conditions she has. Plus, once Polly has stayed at her ‘hotel’ once or twice, she’ll start to think of her home away from home as a comfortable, familiar environment. This makes things much easier on her!


Don’t be afraid to ask questions! Make sure that you are clear on schedules, especially drop off and pickup times. You don’t want to find out at the last minute that the kennel will be closed when you’re headed to the airport! Also, find out what you can and cannot pack for your pet. Every kennel is a bit different, so don’t assume that everything will work the same as the last place you boarded. If you can bring food, treats, and/or medicine, pack a few days’ extra.


Most of our animal companions thrive on routine. Find out if Polly’s schedule will be very different from the one she follows at home. If it is, get her used to the change by making gradual adjustments over time, starting a few weeks before you travel.

Choosing A Facility

We can’t overstate the importance of picking a good kennel. Ask your vet for recommendations. You’ll also want to visit the kennel yourself.


We recommend having your bird examined before boarding, especially if it’s been a while since her last visit. This is a good time to ask questions about Polly’s diet and care, and see if anything should be adjusted.

Do you need to schedule boarding? Do you want to learn more? Call us today! As your Scottsdale, AZ pet hospital, we are dedicated to keeping your animal companion happy and healthy.