Have you recently adopted a puppy? Congratulations! You’re starting on a long and beautiful journey with your new canine buddy. One crucial part of getting little Fido started out on the right paw in life is socialization. This entails introducing your pooch to new places, faces, and experiences. Socialization must happen while your furry buddy is still young. Needless to say, that can be a bit tricky when you’re social distancing! A Scottsdale, AZ vet offers some tips on this below.


Let your furry friend explore different surfaces. Expose him to not just different floors and carpets, but also to leaves, cement, sand, grass, and pebble terrains.


Getting your puppy used to different sounds is also important. If your neighborhood is usually loud, but has been quiet lately, play recordings of traffic. You’ll also want to let him hear sounds like thunder, radios, tools, vacuums, and even your child’s music lessons.

Making Friends

Normally, we would recommend having a puppy party, and inviting friends and family members over to pet and play with little Fido. This can still happen, though you’ll of course need to be careful and follow current best practices. Plan B? Have your family members dress up in different outfits and costumes.

Go For A Drive

Take little Fido for a drive, and let him check out different parks and playgrounds. You can also let him investigate parking lots.

Meeting Other Dogs

Another key part of socialization is introducing little Fido to other dogs, so he learns how to interact with other pups. (Tip: Our doggy daycare is great for this!) Have a few friends or family members with friendly, well-behaved dogs come over. As mentioned above, just be sure to use proper precautions.

What’s This?

Let your fuzzy friend get used to different types of objects. Get him a kiddie pool to play in, or let him sniff at a cookie sheet. You can also just offer him random (safe) items from closets and cupboards.


When socializing your dog, the key is to help him form ‘pawsitive’ opinions about new things. How do you do that? Treats! It’s also important to pet and praise the little guy. If he seems nervous, end the session and try again another day.

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