Halloween is just around the corner! At this time of year, we tend to see lots of hilarious photos of pups in costumes. Fido does make a pretty adorable taco! He’s also been a lobster, a cow, and a dinosaur, to name just a few things. There’s no reason you can’t have some fun with your canine pal if you like. However, there are things to keep in mind when dressing your dog. Read on as a local Scottsdale, AZ vet offers some tips on choosing your four-legged buddy’s costume.


The most important thing is making sure that your dog’s costume fits him well. Measure your pooch before you go shopping. You’ll need to measure his chest, his torso, his shoulder height, and the length of his spine from neck to tail. Make sure that your furry friend’s costume doesn’t restrict his vision or movement, and that it isn’t tight, hot, or itchy. Keep these numbers on your phone, so you always have them on you. 

Tail Wags

Dogs are all unique individuals. Some are outgoing and friendly, and won’t bat an eye at being dressed up like a dandelion. Others are going to be uncomfortable in clothes, and may feel stifled or restricted. If your furry bff falls into the latter category, don’t force him to dress up. Fido will still be charming with something simpler, like a bow tie or bandana!


Always put your furry friend’s safety first. Avoid anything flammable, as well as clothes with zippers. Outfits with small parts are also unsafe. Dogs have been know to try to eat their accessories. You definitely don’t want that! If possible, get Fido’s costume from a pet store. These are designed specifically for pups, so they’re specifically made to keep our canine pals comfortable and safe. Also, when your pooch is wearing his outfit, keep a close eye on him. If he looks hot or uncomfortable, undress him, give him some water, and let him relax. 


Have some fun with Fido’s outfit. You can experiment with outfits that compliment yours. Or, just do something that matches your dog’s personality. A Boxer may look adorable as Sherlock Holmes, while a Chihuahua may make a charming butterfly. Don’t forget to take some cute photos! 

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