The holidays are coming up quickly! While the regular holiday travel may be a bit down this year, due to the coronavirus, many people are still going to visit friends and family members. We know that lots of people like to take their pups with them when they go out of town. However, your canine companion may be better off staying in a doggy hotel. Here, a Scottsdale, AZ vet lists a few good reasons to consider boarding Fido.


Man’s Best Friend has a taste for exploring, and loves to check out new places. This can be dangerous in a strange area. If your pup slips out the door at your aunt’s house, he could very quickly get lost! Also, keep in mind that not everyone knows what is and is not safe for dogs. You don’t want Fido eating or playing with something that’s dangerous to him.

Less Stress

Pets are very emotional, and often get quite upset by changes in their usual routines. Some of our canine pals also hate traveling. While Fido may enjoy hopping into the car to go to the park, a long trip may be a different story. Plane travel is also very difficult and scary for dogs.

Professional Care

When you board your canine buddy, you’ll know he’s in great hands, and being well cared for. We strongly recommend boarding pets with mobility or health issues. You could be in a pickle if Fido gets sick while you’re away from home!


Some dogs just aren’t well suited for travel. You’ll also want to consider your destination. A senior dog may have difficulty with the stairs at your sister’s apartment, while a small pup may be frightened by your cousin’s larger pooch. Fido’s comfort and safety should always come first!


While we can’t speak for all kennels, we do know that our four-legged guests are treated like furry royalty. From playtime, treats, and even swimming sessions, you’ll know that your beloved pet is not only safe and sound, but also having the time of his life!


Another perk of boarding is that you may often be able to get some upgrades, such as grooming or even training. It never hurts to find out more!

Happy Holidays from everyone at Raintree Pet Resort & Medical Center, your Scottsdale, AZ vet clinic. Call us anytime!