Have you decided to adopt a kitten? Congratulations! It won’t take little Fluffy long to have you completely wrapped around her paws. Of course, your tiny ball of fur is going to need a few things. A Scottsdale, AZ veterinarian offers some tips on getting your kitten’s belongings below. 


Proper nutrition is absolutely crucial at this stage of little Fluffy’s life. Baby cats grow very quickly! You’ll want to get your feline buddy a good, high-quality kitten food. If you know what your pet has been eating, get that same brand to start. Ask your vet for nutritional advice, including tips on if, when, and how to change brands. 


This is one area where you do need to get specific types of things. A kitten-sized litterbox won’t cost much, and will be easier for your little buddy to manage while she’s still tiny. Don’t get clay or clumping litters. Baby cats can be clumsy, and sometimes accidentally ingest litter. These types can form dangerous—and potentially life-threatening—intestinal blockages. 

Scratching Post

A scratching post is a definite must! You’ll want to instill good manners in your adorable furball from the start. Encourage little Fluffy to use her nail-care station, and reward her when she does. You can get a kitten-sized one, but it may be better just to get something that your feline pal can still use when she’s an adult. 


Fluffy’s playful shenanigans are always super cute to watch. Playing with your furry little pal will not only help her bond to you, it will also entertain her, tire her out, and teach her good manners. It’s great to use interactive playthings, like wand toys and laser pointers. Just be sure to put anything with strings away after using them. You don’t want your tiny pet getting tangled up! 


Your little buddy will need at least one comfy bed. You can go ahead and get something full-sized. We actually recommend buying or making your tiny feline a few different beds. Cats always like to have options … especially when it comes to napping. 

Other Products

Read labels carefully when getting things like parasite control products, shampoos, and pet-calming sprays. Many of these aren’t safe for kittens! Ask your vet for specific recommendations. 

As your Scottsdale, AZ veterinary clinic, we’re here for you. Contact us for all your kitten’s veterinary care needs!