Do you have a bearded dragon? If so, you’ll want to pay your little buddy some extra attention tomorrow. January 16th is Appreciate A Dragon Day! Read on as a Scottsdale, AZ vet offers some tips on how to pamper your pint-sized dinosaur.

Hangout Time

Your pet may really enjoy hanging out on your arm or lap while you’re watching TV. Try to handle your bearded dragon for at least an hour a day. Just be very careful when picking him up or holding him. Your vet can demonstrate proper techniques.

Take A Walk

Some beardies love going for strolls! Let your lizard buddy explore a park, trail, or beach. Just make sure to get a harness that fits him comfortably. Your reptilian pal may try to grab lunch on the go, but try not to let him eat wild bugs. They could be carrying diseases or parasites.

Let Him Roam

Your lizard may also enjoy just being able to explore your home. First and foremost, keep dogs and cats in other rooms when letting your dragon out. It’s also best to let your lizard play after he’s relieved himself. Also, keep your beardie off carpeted areas. He could get caught in the fibers, which can cut circulation to his limbs and toes. Last but not least, always supervise your beardie. If he starts to look frightened, put him back in his terrarium right away.

Go For A Ride

Some lizards enjoy going for rides! You can also let your pet explore outdoor areas a bit. Just put safety first. Always keep your little dinosaur in a travel container when driving. You’ll also need to bring clean water, and perhaps a few snacks. Finally, save these explorations for warm, sunny days.


Most bearded dragons absolutely love going swimming. This is also important both for hygiene and hydration. You can use a small kiddie pool or a plastic storage tote. The water should be at between 80 and 92F, and shouldn’t be any deeper than your lizard’s knees. Ask your vet for more information.

Have A Ball

Some beardies like playing with small balls, like ping pong balls or rubber bouncy balls. Give it a try! Just make sure that the ball is too large to be a choking risk.

As your Scottsdale, AZ veterinary clinic, we’re here to help. Contact us anytime!