May 4th has gone to the birds: it’s National Bird Day! We’re more than happy to celebrate our feathered friends. Wild birds provide cheerful, chirpy background noise, and can be really fun to watch. And as for pet birds, well, Polly may be small, but she can fill some huge spaces in our hearts. In this article from your pet hospital, a Scottsdale, AZ vet lists some reasons we adore birds.

They’re Smart

The term ‘birdbrain’ is actually quite inaccurate. Birds are very smart! Some, such as ravens, have demonstrated quite advanced cognitive abilities. In fact, one study showed that the intelligence of young ravens is roughly equal to that of chimpanzees.

They Don’t Need A Lot Of Room

Polly needs some free time out of her cage every day. However, she doesn’t necessarily need a huge house to fly around in. Your colorful little buddy may be perfectly fine in an apartment! (Noise may be an issue with apartments, but that’s another topic.)

They Talk

While not all of our feathered buddies speak, the ones that do are pretty impressive. Some budgies, for instance, have a vocabulary of almost 2000 words. Who doesn’t want a pet that you can have a conversation with?

They Dance

Polly seems to really enjoy music. This isn’t really surprising, as birdsong essentially is music. It’s almost impossible not to smile when seeing a cheerful little pet bobbing and dancing to their favorite songs.

They’re Inexpensive

Birds are also quite easy on the wallet. Your initial costs may be significant, as you’ll need to pay for both Polly and her cage. However, once these things are taken care of, you’ll find the cost of feeding your pet and keeping her supplied with toys and perches is relatively inexpensive.

They’re Very Lovable

In most cases, there is no physical difference between pet birds and those who live outdoors in trees. The main distinction is socialization. Pet birds can bond very closely to their humans. In fact, many of them are quite cuddly. You may be surprised at how much you enjoy it when Polly hops onto your finger or decides to sit on your shoulder!

They’re Adorable

Last but not least, these little fluffballs really are quite adorable and personable. Polly may very well melt your heart!

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