May 20th is Rescue Dog Day! This is one cause we’re more than happy to shine the spotlight on. Many of our favorite patients are rescue dogs, who are now living it up as pampered pets. A veterinarian discusses rescue dogs in this article from Raintree Pet Resort & Medical Center, your Scottsdale, AZ pet hospital.

Rescuing Fido

The statistics on rescue dogs are actually quite sad. Over three million pooches enter American shelters every year. If you’re ready to bring a new pet into your life, please consider adopting one of them. While all dogs deserve second chances, these poor pups are really in desperate need of loving homes. It’s a very special and beautiful feeling to help a sad, scared canine blossoming into a happy, healthy pet. You’ll also be able to choose Fido from a roster of adorable furry faces. Whether you want a cuddly lap dog, a goofy pooch to go hiking with, or a sweet family dog, there’s a rescue dog out there that’s just right for you!

Bringing Fido Home

Many people pass over rescue dogs, simply because they are wary of potential health and/or behavioral issues. Dogs that were taken from really bad circumstances will usually have been fostered, and should be healthy and at least partially trained before becoming available for adoption. However, you do want to take some precautions. Some petproofing is a must. Remove or secure anything you don’t want Fido chewing or playing with. This includes things like toxic plants, wires and cords, plastic bags and ties, and anything small or sharp. If you have a yard, make sure your fencing is secure.

Settling In

Fido may turn out to be the most loyal and loving pet you’ve ever had, but he’ll need some time first. As a rule of thumb, dogs need a few days to get settled, a few weeks to feel comfortable, and a few months to really feel at home. During this stage, you’ll want to bring your new pet in for a thorough exam, and start working on any training he needs. However, your main job is to win his trust, and make him feel loved and safe. The 3 T’s—treats, toys, and TLC—will go a long way here. You’ll have that tail going in no time!

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