Do you have a pet bird? If so, you’ll want to take some extra care with Polly over the next few months. This time of year can get brutally hot around here. That scorching heat can put all our animal friends—including birds—in danger. A local Scottsdale, AZ vet lists some key hazards to beware of in this article.


Heat is definitely a huge concern in summer. Make sure that Polly’s cage is in a room with climate control. Don’t put her cage in direct sunlight, or near other potential heat sources. You’ll also need to be careful if you let your feathered buddy go outdoors and spend time in an aviary. Birds can overheat very quickly, especially if they aren’t used to being outside.


Fans are a must for many people at this time of year. However, they can be very dangerous—and potentially deadly—to Polly. Be sure to turn your fans off before letting your little buddy out of her cage. Also, don’t point fans directly at your winged pal’s cage.

Open Doors/Windows

This is a concern all year, but it’s worth mentioning. Polly can escape through a pretty small crack. Some birds will even make holes in screens they can get out through. Don’t leave doors or windows open!


People are more likely to put things like sunscreen and bug spray on in summer. Always wash your hands after applying these products, and before handling Polly or her things.


It’s always important for birds to have fresh, clean water. However, in summer, you may need to change Polly’s water a bit more often. Some types of bacteria thrive in warmer weather, and can quickly contaminate your feathered pal’s bowls. Change your cute pet’s water a few times a day. This is especially important if your bird dunks her food. (This is common in parrots)


Splashing around can be a great way for Polly to cool off. You may want to put a birdbath in her cage. You can also mist your little friend with water. Just time your pet’s baths right. Temperatures can plummet at night, which can leave your colorful pal cold and shivering if she’s still wet. Leave plenty of time for drying before dark.

Please reach out if ever we can be of assistance. As your local Scottsdale, AZ animal hospital, we are here to help!