Tomorrow, July 16th, is World Snake Day. We know, snakes aren’t the most popular pets around. However, these mysterious, beautiful creatures do have some very devoted fans. A Scottsdale, AZ vet discusses snakes in this article.

Snakes In The Wild

It’s important to realize that snakes play crucial roles in keeping natural ecosystems in balance. They act as rodent control, by eating vermin like rats and mice. Unfortunately, snakes in the wild are facing many different threats, such as climate change, loss of habitat, and pollution. They also sometimes eat poisoned rats and mice. Last but not least, snakes are still taken from the wild and sold as pets. This practice is bad for the snake and for fragile ecosystems. It’s also very sad: animals that were born wild often have a very hard time adapting to life in captivity.

Pet Snakes

Snakes can—and do—make wonderful pets. They actually have some great and unique benefits. They’re quiet, don’t smell, don’t need training, and are quite easy keepers. They’re also good options for people with allergies. However, you’ll need to consider a few things. For one thing, snakes eat things like rats and mice, which can be a problem for the squeamish. Size is another concern. Some snakes get very, very big. This is one reason that anacondas are doing so well in the Everglades: people released their oversized pets, who are now wreaking havoc on a delicate habitat. Do plenty of research before buying a snake. You’ll also need a great vet on your team.

Raising Awareness

There are many ways to take part in World Snake Day. Adopting a snake may be going a bit far, but if you were already considering it, this is a great time to do so. Just go through a reputable breeder. You can also share posts and articles on social media to help spread the word. Doing what you can to support conservation efforts will also make a difference.

When you’re ready to wind down for the night, consider a snake movie. While the Anaconda movies may not paint snakes in a particularly favorable light, they do offer some campy, B-movie fun, as do goofy flicks like Pirahnaconda. Of course, you just can’t go wrong with Snakes On A Plane!

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