August 8 is Spoil Your Dog Day! Of course, how you spoil your dog really depends a lot on how old he is. A puppy may want lots of toys, or perhaps a fun session at their doggy daycare. An adult pooch may want a trip to the park, or perhaps a playdate with his buddies. Senior dogs, on the other paw, are usually more interested in staying comfortable. A local Scottsdale, AZ vet offers a few ways to get an older pup’s tail going in this article.


Comfy bedding is one of those small luxuries that really make a big difference. If you’ve ever had to sleep on an uncomfortable mattress, you know how unpleasant it can be. Make sure your canine buddy has a nice, thick doggy bed. We recommend orthopedic beds for older dogs, because of the extra support they offer. Fido may appreciate having a few beds in different parts of the house.

Cold Treats

One big hit with our canine clients is our Frosty Paws treat. You can bring Fido in for his own spa day, which may include a warm water swim and a cold treat. Or, pick up some doggy ice cream to bring home for your pooch. You can find it in many pet stores or supermarkets. Of course, regular treats are also bound to be a hit.

Grooming Sessions

Fido probably won’t be any more fond of baths now than he was as a puppy. However, he will enjoy feeling soft and clean. Nail trims and dental care are also important. It can be difficult trying to bathe an older dog. Your canine pal may feel quite stiff and sore, which can make it hard to handle him. Consider booking a session with a groomer. They have the equipment and experience needed to gently bathe older pooches.

Belly Rubs

As your dog ages, he may get frightened or confused by the changes his body goes through. He may also get a bit forgetful. Making sure that Fido feels loved and safe is very important. Spend some extra time with your furry best friend. Senior dogs often develop a super sweet, affectionate demeanor that is just a joy to be around.

Please reach out if ever we can be of assistance. As your local Scottsdale, AZ animal hospital, we are always here for you.