It’s World Gecko Awareness Day! Geckos are very interesting little lizards, and they can make quite fun pets! A Scottsdale, AZ vet discusses these popular reptiles in this article.


Geckos may very well be the most popular type of lizard out there. There are over 1500 types of geckos, though only a handful are commonly sold as pets. The most popular ones are probably the Leopard gecko, Crested gecko, and African Fat-Tailed gecko. However, there are several others you could adopt, including the Chinese Cave gecko, Frog-Eyed gecko, Giant Day gecko, Gargoyle gecko, Gold Dust Day gecko, and Madagascar Ground gecko. These all have their own unique appearances and care needs, so do plenty of research before choosing.


Most geckos are quite small, and many stay beneath 10 inches long. This is a bonus for reptile lovers. Some lizards, like iguanas, eventually get very large and need sizeable enclosures or habitats.


Geckos live quite a long time. Some species can live up to 20 years with good care. That’s definitely something you would want to look into before adopting one.


Geckos have quite specific dietary needs, which often consist of things one might consider creepy-crawlies. Waxworms, mealworms, roaches, and other bugs are on the menu for most geckos. You’ll need to be able to stomach buying live ones regularly, which is a dealbreaker for some. The bugs will need to be dusted with a nutritional powder before they are fed to your pet. Ask your vet for specific advice.


Geckos require safe, suitable tanks or terrariums. You’ll need to add a good substrate, such as reptile carpet or butcher paper. Your tiny dinosaur will need a few hide boxes, one of which should contain moss or vermiculite, which will facilitate shedding. Geckos must have specific temperature ranges, so you’ll also need some equipment. This may raise your power bills a bit. You may also need to prepare a backup, in case you ever lose power on a cold night. Your vet can give you detailed information on tank setup.


You’ll need to find a great vet that works with herps. This isn’t just your go-to in case of emergency: it’s also a wonderful source of information, tips, and advice.

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