It’s Adopt A Senior Pet Month! Dogs and cats may get most of the attention for this occasion, but there are many other older animals that need loving homes. Older birds often have a very difficult time getting adopted, but they can make great animal companions. A Scottsdale, AZ vet discusses senior bird care below.

Long-Lived Pets

One reason that elderly birds often become available for adoption is that birds can live a very long time. Some of our feathered friends can get to be 100 years old! In fact, parrots can have up to seven different owners over the course of their lives, and sometimes outlive their humans. Birds get rehomed for many other reasons as well. It’s not uncommon for people adopt birds, only to realize that they’ve chosen the wrong pets. Polly can be a messy roommate, not to mention a loud one!

Benefits Of Older Birds

There are some definite plusses to getting a bird that’s in their golden years. Polly may already be trained, and, if she’s been well cared for, she might be quite friendly and affectionate. You may get your feathered pal at a discounted rate. There’s also a shorter commitment involved than there would be with a young bird.


Senior birds often adjust very easily to their new homes. Just like any other pet, birds go through some changes as they age. Many birds get calmer and quieter, though some senior birds are just as feisty and playful as young ones.

Veterinary Care

You’ll need to bring Polly to the vet for a thorough exam. It’s also important to know the warning signs of potential illnesses. Some of the issues older birds may develop include diabetes, arthritis, renal failure, egg binding, and heart disease. Ask your vet for specific care tips, including cage setup, diet, and recommended toys.


It’s important to do lots of research and think things over carefully before adopting any animal. Do some research into Polly’s breed and, if possible, her history. If you’ve never had a bird before, read up on bird behavior and care, too. If all lights are green, then go for it. You may find that your colorful new pet really brightens up your home!

Please contact us with any questions or concerns about your bird’s health or care. As your Scottsdale, AZ animal clinic, we’re here to help!