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Things You Learn When You Get a Kitten


Have you recently adopted a kitten? Or, more to the point, has a kitten adopted you? Congratulations! You’re certainly in for some adorable moments with your new pet. You may also be in for some new realizations! In this article, a Scottsdale, AZ vet lists some things you will discover when you adopt a kitten. … Read More »

Adopt a Shelter Cat


June is officially Adopt A Shelter Cat Month! This is one cause that we are happy to support. Shelters are full of sweet, cute felines that desperately need loving homes. If you are considering adopting a cat, please consider getting Fluffy from a shelter. Read on as a Scottsdale, AZ vet lists some great reasons … Read More »

Adopt a Shelter Pet Day


Adopt A Shelter Pet Day is coming up in just a few weeks. While the official date is April 30, this worthy cause deserves attention all year long! If you are ready to bring a new animal companion into your home, please consider adopting a shelter pet. In this article, a North Phoenix, AZ vet … Read More »

Caring for a Leopard Gecko


Do you find reptiles fascinating? Have you been thinking about getting a pet snake or lizard? If so, you may want to consider adopting a leopard gecko. These little guys are super cute, and make very charming pets! Read on as a local Scottsdale, AZ vet discusses caring for a leopard gecko. Meet The Leopard … Read More »

Helping Your New Bird Settle In


Did you know that January is Adopt A Rescued Bird Month? Are you thinking about getting a little feathered buddy? If so, that’s great! Read on as a local Scottsdale, AZ vet offers tips on helping Polly settle in. Getting Ready Before you bring your new pet home, make sure you have everything ready for … Read More »

4 Crucial Things to Consider Before Adopting a Reptile


Are you considering getting a reptilian pet? There are many great benefits to having a snake, lizard, or other reptile. Our scaled friends are quiet, don’t shed, are fairly low maintenance, and don’t cause the pet odors many people dislike. However, when you adopt a pet, you’re taking the responsibility for that animal’s life. Just … Read More »

Reap the Benefits of Reptile Pet Ownership


Your pet ownership experiences just expanded by leaps and bounds. After many delightful years of interacting with dogs and cats, you’re adding a small reptile to your pet-friendly home. Today, you brought home Hobie, a small lizard with a ton of personality. Your pint-sized scaly housemate has already visited your Scottsdale vet, who gave him … Read More »

How to Set Up a Hamster Cage


If you’ve recently decided to get a hamster, you’ve made a great choice for a cute little addition to your home. Setting up your hamster’s cage correctly will play a large role in your pet’s health and happiness. While taking care of a hamster is fairly simple, you want to be sure to put little … Read More »

Your New Puppy


Are you about to adopt a new puppy? Congratulations! We love to see dogs going to great new homes, and we really enjoy watching them grow from adorable toddlers into healthy adults. There are lots of things to do when bringing home a new puppy! In this article, your local vet Phoenix gives some tips … Read More »